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Flextronics ships about , Moto X devices per week, Woodside told Reuters on Tuesday, with plans to expand that output in the future. American technology manufacturing has received a small bump of confidence in recent months. The new Mac Pro is set for release before the end of the year, but pricing and a specific release date have not been announced. Ian is an independent writer based in Israel who has never met a tech subject he didn't like.

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Moto X Pure Edition Review: Big Deal - Pocketnow

User Rating: 9. Display 4. Storage 16 GB Battery mAh 13h talk time. Reply Report.

Review: US-made Motorola Moto X brings solid features and good looks

Least it is in America. Giving people jobs, especially in this economic situation. Motorola also increased price, but had compensated that increase by putting yesterday's hardware into Moto X. After that just masked it with a smart marketing which promoted that since now less performance is magically better than more performance and stamped old SoC with fancy X8 name to attract average users eye. It's not an old SOC. But in mobile, with limited battery, it makes more sense.

Moto X camera update heading to US Cellular this month

Show me a review, a benchmark, anything that suggests the performance of the Moto X is less than state of the art. If you want to talk screen size or resolution, that's one thing, but the X8 is nothing more or less than what the phone needs. And I'm even not compare it to the Snapdragon I'm talking about performance benchmarks - Egypt 3D onscreen, that sort of thing.

I don't pay much heed to the usual suspects such as AnTuTu, which is not a real-world benchmark in my experience. If you're not talking about octo vs. Even the screen is new; last year there was no 4. I doubt I'll convince you though - you're stuck on specs, specs, specs. I'm trying to argue that the Moto X is state of the art, not top of the top of the line that would be the G2.

The X8 combines 4 processors not just the dual core processor you are harping on. I don't understand how you can't figure that out. Speed tests alone should show you the performance of what the machine is capable of.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G

Read and understand things before you decide to just bang on it Really what a theory you have V8 vs V12 Intel i5 vs i7 Having 4 CPU pushing the system and app then having 2 is less strain, even 6,8 cores would be even better. So you prefer smooth operation than fast zippy actions, how funny. Ile take power over smoothie useless things. Every human wants power not average joes. But it's priced the same as the g2 man.. That's where I have issues is in the retail price. Only because they choose to sell them for more.

You can't hate on a business for trying to turn a profit, but it doesn't mean I have to be blind to the fact that Apple overcharges for what their machines pack under the hood, and that there are MANY products that are cheaper that perform just as good if not way better. Apple did burn down his entire village. Can't hate on the fandroid for spewing a lot of hate towards Apple. Wife is talking about wanting a new phone.

Customize, customize, customize

I might try to steer her to the X to reward Motorola for building it here. Hope this leads to more tech manufacturing in this country. It's assembling, not building. The parts are made elsewhere and then shipped to the US to be assembled. It would be better if Moto discloses the US content of the entire device as opposed to assembled. You say that like the foundry that builds the chip si somehow more responsible for building the phone than the factory in texas I think we need to define the terms for you..

This is from a quick Google search: "construct something, typically something large by putting parts or material together over a period of time. I hope you're not one of those people who continually screams out for progress, only to ignore the progress unfolding in front of you just so you can keep screaming You want all the parts of the phone assembled in the US?

Find facilities and the materials for them to do it. It would be super hypocritical of you to champion a display assembled in the US from foreign minerals, while you're giving Motorola crap for assembling the phone here but not the individual parts by the way.

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Jimstar: Look at a new car -- the parts are made around the world, but ends up being assembled in the US. I buy an American car to support American jobs and domestic content is big on my list.

Why Google just sold Motorola to Lenovo for $3 billion

I am not being hypocritical -- just pointing basic facts to the uninformed. Btw, the link was working earlier -- if not, google the term "The American-Made Index" and you should see the list of cars and trucks with the highest US domestic content. Again, made in America or in the USA means nothing without knowing the domestic content. It kinda holds water when talking about cars or things typically made in the USA, but not phones for obvious reasons.

And all I was saying is that assembling and building are the same thing, but now you've shifted the issue. For future reference, avoid saying "all I'm saying is