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Back in the good ole days, before EB Games traded in its white hat for a black one complete with an evil laugh and goatee, they had a program called SPIFF. This program was essentially a commission on sold warranties. However, they quickly abolishing the program as employees got more used to pestering people about the damn things.

It started with them joyfully announcing that they were going to stop giving the bonus on new games and consoles to try and entice more people into selling used things. Once everyone was good and practiced at reciting, "How about getting a scratch protection warranty, it's only a few dollars" line they cut the SPIFF program almost immediately proving it only existed to help get people used to selling warranties. Trading things into EB Games is a nightmare that can wind up with you owing them money if you're not paying attention. Bring in a disk or item that the employee decides is a bit banged up and you'll be hit with a refurbishing charge that you might not even have been told about cutting further into the pittance they're giving you for your game.

It can wind up too with being more expensive than what they're giving you for your game in the first place, resulting in you having to pay to sell them your game. A lot of the time, the games wind up not even being refurbished or repaired, and end up on the shelves again for some sap to buy only to discover later they don't work. Well, at least those refurbished consoles will be substantially cheaper than a new one right? Again, no. Sorry, my naive friend. Allowing them to continue to price gouge you every single step of the transaction, hell sometimes they don't even bother to include needed accessories in with those that a new version would and you could wind up buying a game console with no controllers and no way to play it!

If you do try to claim a warranty you got in the store you sweet summer child you you're in for a ride, thanks to the Xbox failures EB Games changed its warranty policy after losing enough money to fill one of those Scrooge McDuck sized pools with wads of cash.

EB Games Pre-order FAIL

Now, you're not entitled to a brand new console, instead you are given a refurbished one that you'll likely wind up needing to return anyway. Sadly, these consoles are only fixed in the looest definition of the term. Moreover, a lot of the actual "fixing" is done by people are over work, under paid, and don't have the necessarily equipment to get the job done. With no official Human Resources Department, it can be near impossible to report an issue to Head Office. While there is an employee hotline number, it's treated more as a joke than a serious way of making your problems heard.

At EB Games employees, like customers, are treated like numbers. Since there are so many people who would love a chance to sell video games for a living, there's very little incentive to focus on building meaningful relationships with the staff, because they can be replaced if they start having any issues. For shame, EB Games. For Shame.

This is one of the saddest and most heartbreaking secrets EB Games has, essentially when taking back any product that they can't re-sell. Rather than letting an employee take it home with them, or just throwing it away, they make sure that not even a determined dumpster diver will manage to get anything worthwhile. If it came with a statue? Smashed to pieces, a cool poster will be torn in half.

EB Games/Gamestop : Lethbridge, Alberta

Should an employee attempt to rescue an item in question they'll be fired on the spot for stealing. This is going to sound super cool if you're still planning on trying to get hired by EB Games, but if you're buying things from them it's horrible. Now, remember how I talked about how they have a machine to re-seal games to make people think they're new so they can charge full price? Sometimes these games that were borrowed by the staff find their way onto the desk to be resealed and can wind up being sold to someone only for them to find out the cartridge already has a save file on it.

This can be disastrous when trying to give someone a gift, you sprung for the new game price, and now they're convinced you only care about them enough to buy used. The reason that EB Games is so pushy on used games is that they make a huge profit cutting out all the middlemen normally involved. The manufacturer, supplier, developer, none of them ever see a single cent of that money which over time can kill their businesses. It's literally the only way they've managed to keep this dumpster fire of a company afloat.

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The Expo allows attendees to play and experience upcoming games. It also hosts a variety of local and international developer and publisher teams, who deliver presentations to attendees showcasing their upcoming releases. Every year, EB Games sponsors a "Starlight Week" in May with fund-raising endeavours across the chain and at a corporate level.

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